Campaign Trail

Campaign Trail aims at identifying, reporting, and explaining evidence-based election forecasts. That is, we collect and combine data to predict election outcomes. These predictions are then converted into various outputs, such as news articles, short messages, images, interactive visualizations, and the like. For that, Campaign Trail comprises lots of empirical findings from several research projects (e.g., in the fields of forecasting, automated journalism, and data-driven journalism), which both Andreas Graefe and I have conducted over the past years.

Our endeavors have started back in 2004 as the so-called PollyVote project. After several steps of academic funding (e.g., from Columbia University's Tow Center as well as the Volkswagen Foundation), today, Campaign Trail is a small company, located in Munich (Germany). This later development from an academic project into a small business is largely due to funding that we received from Google's Digital News Initiative (round 3).