Table of contents of this special issue of Media and Communication 8 (3):

Algorithmic Actants in Practice, Theory, and Method (Rodrigo Zamith and Mario Haim, pp. 1-4)
Automation in Sports Reporting: Strategies of Data Providers, Software Providers, and Media Outlets (Jessica Kunert, pp. 5-15)
Assistance or Resistance? Evaluating the Intersection of Automated Journalism and Journalistic Role Conceptions (Aljosha Karim Schapals and Colin Porlezza, pp. 16-26)
Negotiated Autonomy: The Role of Social Media Algorithms in Editorial Decision Making (Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin and Nicholas Diakopoulos, pp. 27-38)
Automated Journalism as a Source of and a Diagnostic Device for Bias in Reporting (Leo Leppänen, Hanna Tuulonen and Stefanie Sirén-Heikel, pp. 39-49)
Automated Journalism: A Meta-Analysis of Readers' Perceptions of Human-Written in Comparison to Automated News (Andreas Graefe and Nina Bohlken, 50-59)

R. Zamith & M. Haim (2020). Algorithms and Journalism: Exploring (Re)Configurations. Media and Communication. (content_copy)

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