Keyword: surveillance

  • Haim, M., Stier, S., & Breuer, J. (5/2020). Open science vs. privacy? A case study with linked web tracking, social media, and survey data. Presented at the 70th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Gold Coast.

  • Haim, M. (12/2016). In media res. The (mass) media's role within past and present surveillance states. Invited presentation at the LMU/HAW seminar "Surveillance-Culture-Society", Munich.

  • 2016: Ausgezeichnet für Exzellente Lehre am IfKW der LMU (Award for Excellence in Teaching), 2nd place, for the seminar Zur Rolle von Medien in Überwachungsstaaten.

  • 2015: Organizer of and lecturer at the Summer School on Surveillance at the Faculty of Social Sciences within the LMU Munich with 100+ participants, 3 disciplines, 5 days, 1 topic, and lots of additional events (i.e., guests, discussions, get together, one-day simulation).

  • Haim, M. (6/2015). Resetting the agenda? How Snowden's NSA revelations were covered in traditional and new online media. Presented at the Surveillance and Citizenship. State-Media-Citizen Relations After the Snowden Leaks, Cardiff.

  • Haim, M. (11/2014). The modern-day digital age: Surveillance & censorship and social change. Invited presentation at the Model United Nations of Munich, Munich.